Data protection must be a consideration of all business owners, large and small. Loss of data is the #1 preventable business disaster. When you plan your data strategy, consider these 5 tips for how to prevent business data loss:

  1. Define the problem. Before you do anything, you must clearly define the data you need to protect (customer data, proprietary secrets, etc.) and identify all the threats to that data.
  2. Train employees. Everyone in your organization needs to understand what data needs to be protected and the policies your organization has in place to protect that data.
  3. Backup, backup, backup. Backups must be frequent, regular, and secure.
  4. Update software and apps. Software designers include protection from the most current malware and virus threats in their updates, so never let your programs fall out of date.
  5. Control access. Control can take many forms, including things such as email security, data encryption, passwords, and antivirus protection.wt

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