An Overview of How to Use Find My iPhone

Have you lost or misplaced your iPhone or iPad? Let that not worry you. Apple offers you find my iPhone services, that is, a free tool that will help you to locate your device. If stolen, sometimes it becomes difficult to get it back but find my iPhone helps you to erase your personal data for the thief not to get to it.

But for this to be possible here are the requirements:
– You must have an iCloud account.
– Find my iPhone should be already set up on your gadget before it was stolen or misplaced. If you had not turned it on before the gadget was stolen, then there is no way to reach your device.
– A computer or a device that is connected to the web.

If you meet all requirements, here is how to find or erase your device using find my iPhone.

1. Log in to iCloud. Using an Apple ID and password, find your way into iCloud.

2. Once you are in, under web-based tools you should select on find my iPhone. It will immediately activate a search for any device that it is enabled on. If you are enabled on more than one gadget, then click on all All Devices so that you can select the device you want to find.

3. If the gadget is located, find my iPhone zooms in its map and depict the location of the gadget by use of a green dot. Once this happens, you can view your map in either satellite, standard, or hybrid mode and you can also zoom in or out as you wish. When the gadget is found, a pop-up window will appear and it will inform you the battery condition of the device and it will also offer you some other options.

Here is a description of the options:

Play Sound
Find my iPhone offers this option for use when the missing device is within your home. When selected, the device will play a loud sound despite it being on silent or vibrate. This makes it easy to locate.

Lost Mode
Clicking on this option allows you to set up a passcode if you didn’t have one. Find my iPhone platform will also offer you an option to feed it a phone number and it will display the number on the screen of the lost device. The person having the device can call that number to return it. It will also play a loud tone so as to draw attention to where the device is. You can also write a message that will appear on the screen of the lost device.

Sometimes you have no hope for retrieving the device. All you are left with is to erase all your data from the stolen device. Find my iPhone makes it as simple as clicking the Erase option. It will warn you, and if you are sure you want to erase you can click on the I Understand option. All your data will be erased from that particular device. Your private data will be safe. If the device was backed up, you can later restore it if found.

Sometimes the device might be out of battery or just switched off. This means it will not be located. But you can tick on Notify Me When Found box so as to be notified once the phone is put on and connected to the internet. You can also set it to perform any of the above options once it comes back online. By now, you have an idea of the incredible solutions find my iPhone offers. Make sure to set it up on your Apple devices so as to secure your data in case you lose any device.

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