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iPhone Repair

The first iPhone was released on June 29, 2007, and in the short space of 10 years, this pocket-sized device has completely changed the world in a number of ways. First, the iPhone set the standard for smartphone technology with its smooth feel and its minimalist design. Every smartphone that has come since then has shared this same general aesthetic. Second, by putting a camera in every hand, it transformed photography from a hobby enjoyed by a few to a part of everyday life for everyone. And, finally, the iPhone put the internet in everyone’s pocket. No one imagined how much having constant internet access would rule our daily lives when the iPhone was first invented. Constant internet access has changed how we interact with one another, find news, shop, and even navigate. How often are you on your phone throughout the day? We use our phones for everything from ordering Thai food to emailing co-workers about multi-million dollar business deals. Who knew we’d even use our phones to swipe right to meet someone special?

The point? When you drop your phone and you require iPhone screen repair, you need the fastest iPhone repair shop in Washington, DC. At iTouch repair, we repair most makes and models of iPhones. From LCD to iPhone glass repair, we have you covered.

Bring your broken iPhone by one of our iTouch Repair stores in Arlington, VA, and Alexandria, VA, for quick, convenient iPhone repair. Our experienced iPhone repair techs will take the time needed to diagnose and fix broken screens, power issues and more. Select your model below to get started.