iTouch Repair Reviews

What Our Customers Are Saying…

Ricardo R.

Just had my iPhone 6 Plus glass replaced. Was quoted a price and brought the device in. Was PLEASANTLY surprise that the job cost less than the original quote. I would have paid the quoted price but they were honest enough to tell me that it would cost me less… $100 less. Will definitely use this place to repair my mini-iPad glass too.

Delane R.

We pulled into a parking spot in front of the Alexandria (Kingstowne) store a few minutes after closing…while they were walking out of the store. Ismael politely opened the store and took our broken iPad in for repair. He could have easily told us to come back tomorrow but he didn’t. He was super nice. We were delighted to get a text the next day telling us the repair was complete.

We went back to the store and he was super nice in telling us which case was best for the kids (we have 6-year old twins) and even took the products out of the box and showed us.

Great service from a really professional and friendly guy.

Thanks Ismael and iTouch Repair!

Kat S.

I’ve used them 2x and had great service each time — fast and without any foolishness. Walked in and my phone was repaired within the hour, and I was back in business.

Kevin T.

My 6s was dropped on a golf course and shredded by a mower. After finding it in the high rough I thought it was dead,…screen destroyed and wires popping out of the top, etc. I brought it to ITouch Repair and they installed a new LCD, used housing, and now I have a practically new 6s again!

Hector Z.

Great staff at Courthouse/Clarendon! Friendly, competent and quick service at a fair price. Highly recommend.

Marco C.

My experience was very good. Excellent customer care. Took my tablet to get fixed and the service was quick. I recommend it to anyone looking to repair their phone or tablet. These people are responsible, reliable and very knowledgeable.