Introducing the Highest Aftermarket Plus Quality, LCD Assembly for iPhone 8 Plus (XO5) (WHITE).

Our XO5 LCD comes with the latest IC Chips, condensed in a fourth of the size, with the same capabilities as the ones currently found on the OEM screen!

XO5 screens have a smoother oleophobic coating, much better finish, and a 12% increase in friction over its predecessor. This will guarantee that the coating will last over 300 days on usage

XO5 Technology will give you an exceptionally close experience to an OEM screen to refresh the pixels as fast as OEMs.

We had added the 2-layer backlight seals to trap as much light within the backlight enclosure and channel it to the front panel for better colors.

Force touch is a very important feature for screens, and at this point, We had designed our own 3D touch panel to enhance 3D Force Touch experience for our customers.

XO5 technology went ahead and only uses OEM Grade FPCs connector to achieve the manufacturers standard.

XO5 is best experienced when installing into a device and comparing the difference to what the regular suppliers are offering.

Compatible with A1864 / A1897 / A1898

MobileSentrix offer Lifetime Warranty on this product.

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